J S N VOGUE GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is Indenting agent In United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

J S N VOGUE was established in 2014. Our main line of business is BUILDING MATERIAL.

► The Company provides tailor made purchase requirements to their buyers.

► Our suppliers are our Business Associates.

► They are well explained about our market requirement with specification and consumer behavior.



Agents do not take ownership of goods but act as a representative of the supplier. They are also engaged by exporters of services to represent them in overseas matters.
An agent is generally paid by the exporter based on a commission of sales value generated. The exporter recieves orders for customers from the agent but then delivers goods or services directly to customers, invoice the customers, and collects payments from the customers. The exporter is also responsible for setting the selling price, although the agent will likely provide input on local market conditions to help the exporter decide on pricing.
Agents are basically based in the export market and often represent several complementary product or service lines. They may operate on an exclusive basis, as the sole agent for a company's goods or services in a specific export market, or one of a number of agents for the exporter in that market, that is, on a non-exclusive basis.
Agents have control over branding, marketing and pricing.